my hobbies

of course all about shopping..
i almost to be a shopaholic
thanks to lover always support me
when i ter over budget

i'm crazy about make up n fashion
love my zhang toi, camel active & my nichii in my rack shoes
love my nicole, googles, nichii & my ed hardy in my wardrobe
n i love too my uniform

my knitting
but it is a litle bit costly
n now i can knitting anything when i meet a Daiso
ha ha ha

internet n games
ooooo it always make me crazy when i should choose time to read n time to enjoy the tenet n games

i'm also crazy about photography... but it's so expenses hobby... tgh berusaha tuk dapatkan yang terbaik... walau bukan pada org lain... tapi apadehal dgn kamera hp X6 ku pun dapat ku rakamkan detik2 yg indah... drpd sesetengah yg punya kamera canggih but hasilnya... hampeh...

i love travelling/ holiday... tp tak selalu dpt g holiday... no budget la...but i promise 1 day... ai dapat lakukannya dengan begitu senang hati....

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